The Revival Of The American Dream Is Coming As Bitcoin Hits Over $50K Again

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Bitcoin is literally changing the economies of countries around the world. El Salvador recently joined the list along with the likes of Nigeria, Vietnam, and of course Switzerland. With all of that going on, there is no reason why Bitcoin shouldn’t be a part of the American Dream.

When Bitcoin hit $50K last week, it stayed up for a moment and then dropped a few thousand. As we called it, that was the small dip before the surge. It was a great time to buy because I might have said this before, but that would be the lowest it would ever be again.

bitcoin bull ride

Today, Bitcoin is once again up to $50K. Breaking through that landmark is monumental. With experts calling for Bitcoin to reach $100K by the end of the year and possibly $500K within a few years, it’s time for naysayers to recognize that it’s not going away and it will take over one day.

Every currency has its day. When Cavemen were trading weapons for food, they thought that would be the way things would always work. Then, someone found gold. That changed the lives of everyone and soon, we were exchanging fiat currency for what we wanted.

Every currency has its day! Fiat’s day is fading as people get more and more creative with Bitcoin. With Amazon and Walmart creating Bitcoin positions and banks preparing for ways to accept digital currency deposits, these are huge market confirmations that Bitcoin is moving into the dominant payment standard. While the Bulls are getting ready to run, hopefully the Bears got in while the getting was good.

Sports teams are being sponsored with Bitcoin and politicians are accepting it as campaign donations. Everyone around the globe is waking up and if anyone knows anything about us, this is what the American Dream is all about. Landlines went to cellphones. Fax machines went to emails. Our televisions, cars, houses, and even our refrigerators became smarter and that’s all been slowly accepted with hesitancy, but now it’s the world in which we live.

Bitcoin heroically levels the playing field. The person (or persons) known as Satoshi Nakamoto should be given a Humanitarian Award. Over this fine weekend, take a moment to think about that and what your American Dream is. If Bitcoin is a part of it, achieving your American Dream is definitely within reach.

When you are ready, there’s a Bitcoin ATM just around the corner!

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