Your Comprehensive Guide; How To Use ByteWallet

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ByteFederal’s ByteWallet remains one of the crypto market’s most robust crypto wallets. 

Users who download ByteWallet can easily buy, sell, and send Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Marscoin in a trustless, peer-to-peer manner. ByteWallet users also have access to the low-fee Lightning Network that helps facilitate instant payments. 

how to use bytewallet

In addition, Byte Federal crypto wallet users can directly swap between coins, a feature not found on some other platforms that support crypto.  

Uniquely, the wallet also includes a full-blown crypto-friendly (FDIC insured) bank account with an account and routing number for everyday use. Thus ByteWallet users can open a free traditional bank account and transact with an accompanying crypto-friendly debit card. 

Cards can be ordered for free or digitally set up on iOS and Android.

NOTE: ByteWallet Banking is temporarily paused (which means swapping, is also temporarily on hold), but don’t worry it will be up, running, and better than before, soon! Stay tuned for more updates!

how to use bytewallet

Wallet users can create unlimited crypto wallets and buy crypto in-app. Using the tool’s FastLogin technology they can additionally buy and sell Bitcoin at physical ByteFederal crypto ATMs. 

Interested in learning more about how to start using ByteWallet? Read on for a breakdown of how to use ByteWallet to begin buying, selling, and trading Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies!

Three Easy Steps To Start Using ByteWallet 

  1. Download ByteWallet: Visit ByteFederal’s website to download the free ByteWallet or find the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. ByteWallet users maintain complete control over their private keys as the tool is noncustodial. 
  2. Create Accounts: After downloading, you can create as many crypto wallets as you like. You will not need an account for that! However, to unlock advanced parts of ByteWallet and to buy, sell or trade crypto will require a Byte account. You can also opt to create a traditional bank account within the app. Here, you can conduct bank transfers, send wires, and cash checks. 
  3. Find An ATM: ByteWallet users can use one of ByteFederal’s ATMs to buy or sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Fees are built into the rates, and all ATM transactions are recorded with receipts for easy verification. ByteWallet users can find a comprehensive list of the 1500+ ATMs across the United States by clicking here
  4. Log-in: Wallet users can instantly log in to a ByteFederal ATM by simply flashing their wallet QR code. In addition, ATMs also offer gold, gift cards, and other trading signals, with more offerings added regularly. Security measures, including KYC and AML standards, help mitigate scams, hacks, and theft. 
  5. Come Prepared! Lastly, for the best trading experience, read this list of essential items to bring to a ByteFederal ATM.

how to use bytewallet

The Easiest Way To Buy, Sell, And Trade Crypto

Ready to get started and take advantage of the unique tools this wallet offers? Download ByteWallet today and take control of your finances! You can learn more about by visiting ByteFederal’s website

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