The Growing Influence of Cryptocurrency Legislation & Money in Politics

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Cryptocurrency once considered a niche market, has become a force to be reckoned with in the political landscape. Recent events and public statements from influential figures have highlighted the increasing role of crypto in campaign contributions and policy decisions involving cryptocurrency legislation.

Cryptocurrency Donations,
A Powerful Political Tool


One notable example of cryptocurrency’s growing influence is the case of Sam Bankman Fried, the disgraced Founder of FTX, who donated a staggering 40 million dollars to various political campaigns and committees during the last political cycle. This contribution underscores the immense financial power that crypto money now wields in politics. Let’s consider the donations of other key FTX executives, including the former Director of Engineering and former co-CEO of FTX Digital Markets. The total amount from FTX alone nearly doubles, to 80 million. It is clear that cryptocurrency donations have become a formidable force in shaping political outcomes.

The Bitcoin Advocacy Project

During last year’s The Bitcoin Conference, Grant McCarty, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Bitcoin Magazine, announced the Bitcoin PAC, which includes three significant advocacy efforts including the Bitcoin Advocacy Project, the Bitcoin Policy Institute, and the Financial Freedom PAC to promote favorable Bitcoin policies in the United States. By combining research, advocacy, and campaign support, this project seeks to establish a solid foundation cryptocurrency legislation and the future of Bitcoin in American politics.

Presidential Candidates

In a remarkable display of acceptance and recognition, both sides of the political spectrum had presidential candidates speak at the 2023 Bitcoin Conference. Both Robert Kennedy Jr. and Vivek Ramaswamy delivered impressive speeches, highlighting their support for hard money that cannot be debased, inflated away, or censored by governments. RFK Jr. championed the freedom of money as equally important as the freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment, stating that he was inspired to learn about Bitcoin after watching what happened in Canada during the trucker protests. This demonstration of support from influential figures within the political landscape underscores the growing influence of cryptocurrency in shaping political ideologies and agendas surrounding cryptocurrency legislation.

The Battle For Crypto Regulation

As the debate about crypto, Bitcoin, and CBDCs continues to grow, lawmakers are getting involved, whether for or against. Massachusetts Senator Warren, for instance, has been actively advocating for anti-crypto measures, citing security concerns as a justification for potential cryptocurrency legislation that could stifle the industry. An April 2023 NEC filing revealed a newly formed Anti-Crypto Army aimed at supporting digital asset skeptics. This ongoing battle between proponents and opponents of cryptocurrency regulation highlights the high stakes involved.

The Significance Of State-Level Initiatives

Not only is cryptocurrency legislation gaining traction and influencing money at the Federal Level, but it is also making an impact at the state level. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has voiced his views on Bitcoin and crypto as crucial civil liberties concerns. In Florida, he passed an anti-Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) bill, setting a precedent many in the industry hope other states will follow. 


As cryptocurrency continues to gain mainstream adoption, its influence on politics becomes increasingly apparent. The significant campaign contributions, the establishment of advocacy projects, and the stance of presidential candidates all highlight the growing importance of crypto and Bitcoin in shaping political discourse. However, the battle for regulation and the differing perspectives across party lines underscore the complexity of integrating cryptocurrency into mainstream politics. As lawmakers and industry leaders navigate this evolving landscape, the future holds opportunities and challenges.


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