Texas Bitcoin Mining Operations Might Solve Freeze

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Last year, Texas had a major freeze that devastated the entire state. That’s when they realized they needed to work toward a brighter and warmer future. Enter Bitcoin to save the day! Mining operations are already gearing up, ready to solve the problem.

So, What Is The Solution?

Riot Blockchain is one of the hugest Bitcoin mining operations globally, and it chose a home in Rockdale, Texas. With three long warehouse-type buildings, 190,000 square feet of mining calculations roll on day by day. Because of that, Riot has a long-term electric contract with the local electric company, and that contract includes ramping down usage to reserve energy if another outage should occur.

“As the storm has progressed, we have continued to decrease our power consumption by 98%-99%. So currently, we are only using 1%-2% of power.” Trystine Payfer, Riot’s Director of Communications.

Not just Riot but Rhodium Enterprises as well, another Bitcoin mining operation in Texas, working with a liquid-cooled system, has agreed to restrict their power usage so that the electricity they generate can be used to supply Texans with the energy they need. Through a tweet on Wednesday, Nathan Nichols, CEO of Rhodium, announced, “Texas-based Bitcoin miners are curtailing their load starting TODAY to help provide excess power reserves for #WinterStormLandon. We are proud to help stabilize the grid and help our fellow Texans stay warm.”

Green mining solutions have been the theme in the Bitcoin universe for quite some time now. At first, it was to cool the heels of the activists protesting how much energy mining operations require. But now, it has stepped up to another level to fill the gap in any energy deficit Texans might face. I don’t think there will be too many activists arguing against that.

These actions are all voluntary and way ahead of schedule. But Riot and Rhodium aren’t the only players. Marathon Digital and the whole Texas Blockchain Council are working hard to make sure issues from last year don’t duplicate. So that’s how the Bitcoin universe effectively works to solve problems even before they hatch.

Be a part of the solution! Go bank, Yourself!

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