Marscoin Expo 2023

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The Marscoin Foundation will be hosting it’s third Marscoin Expo 2023, an exciting virtual event that brings together space enthusiasts, technology innovators, and financial explorers from across the globe. On Saturday, August 26th, 2023, beginning at 9AM US Eastern Time join an international audience exploring the unique crossroads of cryptocurrency and space exploration.

Michael Laine, will kick off the event with an introductory talk on Bitcoin’s potential role in establishing a future Martian economy. Following this, a series of presentations and discussions, led by distinguished speakers, will unfold.

Get the latest updates on Marscoin’s development updates from Lennart Lopin, delve into the legal labyrinth of SEC lawsuits and their influence on innovation with Michelle Weekley, and explore functionality updates of the Martian Republic with Sebastian Fabara.

Deep dive into the world of crypto exchanges and market makers, and travel virtually to the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah with James Burk. Stay updated on NASA and SpaceX’s progress towards Mars, and navigate the intricacies of crypto mining in 2023.

We will also have intriguing discussions about transactions from the most remote places like the Arctic Station and BioSphere, celebrate the Marscoin Pizza Day, and even get an exclusive look into the MDRS Virtual Reality by Jeff Raynor. Finally, Jaka Azman will introduce the world of Mars themed games such as MarsDrive, Million on Mars, and Occupy Mars.

The expo concludes with closing remarks by Lennart Lopin and James Burk, reflecting on our collective journey during this extraordinary event. Join this free and unique interplanetary expedition from Miami to Vienna to Tokyo.


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