Javier Milei: The Candidate Shaking Up Argentina’s Political Landscape

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In a surprising twist in Argentine politics, Javier Milei, an outsider known for his bold rhetoric and radical economic plan, has emerged as a significant force in the recent primary elections, securing 30.2% of the votes. Outpacing the massive political structures of both “Juntos por el Cambio” and the current far-left government “Union por la Patria”, Milei has captured the attention and support of a populace weary of the traditional “parasitic political caste,” as he terms it.

Milei, with his signature black mane and confrontational style, is not your typical politician. He’s a staunch advocate for classical liberalism and has put forth a series of measures that many consider revolutionary. His boldest proposal is the elimination of Argentina’s Central Bank, an institution he believes has been a tool for “thieving politicians” who use fiat currency to “defraud the good-hearted Argentines with inflation.” In his view, inflation disproportionately affects the lower classes, eroding their savings, purchasing power, destroying investment, and consequently, eliminating jobs. This dynamic, according to Milei, increases unemployment and depresses wages.

Instead of the Argentine peso, Milei proposes an open currency competition, allowing citizens to transact in dollars, euros, bitcoin, or any other currency of their choosing. This proposal, though controversial, resonates in a country that has endured decades of monetary instability and recurring economic crises. An open competition of currencies could potentially lead citizens to a stronger coin that maintains its value across space and time, contrasting the hyperinflationary reality of the Argentine peso.

But Milei’s proposals don’t stop with the economy. His plan to reduce the fiscal deficit includes a drastic reduction in the number of ministries, from 24 down to just 8. In education, he proposes a voucher system, subsidizing demand rather than supply, to ensure every child has access to education, whilst allowing families to choose where and how to educate their children. In infrastructure, he advocates for a shift from the current public works system, proposing a model based on private initiative, akin to the very successful Chilean style.

In healthcare, drawing inspiration from a successful initiative in Mexico, Milei has proposed the implementation of mobile hospitals to reach the most underserved areas and ensure quality medical care. Additionally, he has pledged strong support for security forces in their battle against crime, a concern for many Argentines.

A mantra that has echoed throughout his campaign is a quote from Alberto Benegas Lynch Jr.:

“Liberalism is the unrestricted respect for another’s life project under the principle of non-aggression, defending the right to life, liberty, and property.”

Alberto Benegas Lynch Jr.

This philosophy has been the cornerstone of Milei’s proposal and reflects his commitment to a liberal societal vision.

Milei’s significant showing in the primary elections represents a tectonic shift in Argentine politics. His rise showcases the growing discontent with the status quo and the search for bold solutions to the country’s endemic problems. This newfound momentum sets a compelling precedent, potentially reshaping the political landscape as Argentina approaches the next election round in October.


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Kenneth is a developer at Byte Federal and is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is an advocate for Bitcoin and crypto and their potential to help fix the economic challenges in his home country.

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