How to Send Money Through Bitcoin ATM in USA

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There are more than 18 million Bitcoins in circulation today. 

Cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, advanced technology has transformed the way the world operates. But, of course, it’s much different from the days of trading chickens.


Many large companies are starting to accept Bitcoin as payment. These companies include AT&T and Microsoft. You can even transfer Bitcoin using Paypal. 

But what if you need to use an ATM to transfer Bitcoin? Don’t worry! We’ll teach you how to send money through a Bitcoin ATM in the USA. 

Start With A Crypto Wallet

Whether you want to buy, transfer, or sell Bitcoin, you need a crypto wallet. Much like a physical wallet, a crypto wallet holds access to your currency. 

Create a Bitcoin wallet by first choosing the type of Bitcoin wallet you’d like to have. For a crypto wallet with seamless and secure crypto banking try our ByteWallet. Several options are available, including mobile, desktop, or hardware wallets. 


Each type of wallet comes with its own set of features. Choose one that’s best for your lifestyle. For example, a mobile wallet might be best if you’re constantly on the go. 

Once you decide what type of wallet is best, explore available apps to create a wallet. 


Then, download your chosen software wallet app, and create an account. 

Tip: You can also create a wallet on the web that links to your mobile device and software application. 

Locate A Bitcoin ATM

Now, you’ll need to locate a digital currency ATM instead of a traditional ATM. Not all ATMs accept the transfer of cryptocurrency. 


Locate a Bitcoin ATM by using an ATM locator site. Many maps available online will lead you to the closest Bitcoin ATM. You can typically find this type of ATM in major retail stores or airports. Before using an ATM, double-check that it’s compatible with Bitcoin. 

Send Your Money

It’s time to use the power of Bitcoin technologies to send money using your digital currency!

In most cases, you’ll start by inserting cash into the ATM. However, many ATMs have daily cash limits, so always do the math before transferring large amounts of money. 

Some ATMs now allow you to scan a QR code connected to your Bitcoin wallet. This QR code will enable you to decide how much currency you’d like to transfer without using a fiat currency. 

After uploading currency to the ATM, enter the recipient’s Bitcoin address. Transfer the money. The recipient can then keep the Bitcoin stored in their wallet or use a Bitcoin ATM to turn the cryptocurrency into cold, hard cash. 

Currency Gone Digital: How To Send Money Through A Bitcoin ATM In The USA

Is your friend in need of cash, but all you have is Bitcoin? There’s no need to panic. Instead, use the above guide to learn how to send money through a Bitcoin ATM in the USA. Learning how to operate a Bitcoin ATM is beneficial as our world continues to develop and rely more on digital currencies. You can thank yourself later for knowing this information. 


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