How To Buy DASH

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According to some price predictions, some people anticipate Dash rising to $178 by 2030While Dash’s current value is around $42, this could be an ideal investment for someone interested in cryptocurrency. 

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about how to buy Dash.

What Is Dash?

Dash is a digital cryptocurrency that aims to replace fiat currency. Dash allows for affordable payments worldwide while providing maximum security and a user-friendly experience. This truth makes it an ideal cryptocurrency for beginning investors.

Dash was launched in 2014, initially called XCoin, and then Darkcoin. Finally, in 2015, the name Dash stuck. The name is a combination of “digital cash,” which is its whole goal. Dash coin has built a scalable payment system, meaning it can adapt to meet the demands of the coin, making DASH a straightforward option to replace fiat currency.

Is It A Good Investment?

Before purchasing crypto, you need to research if it’s a suitable investment. As with any cryptocurrency, there are risks associated.


Dash is volatile, and its price can quickly and drastically change. However, with high risk like this comes the opportunity for higher rewards.

Dash’s goal is to be a global payment system, but it needs a more stable price before that can occur. (Otherwise, more people will hold the currency rather than spend it.)


Dash can be an excellent investment, but before you purchase DASH, make sure you only invest the amount you’re willing to lose if your investment doesn’t pan out the way you hope. 

How To Buy DASH

There are a few different ways that you can buy Dash cryptocurrency. For example, you can buy it at a centralized cryptocurrency platform, but you can also purchase it at a Bitcoin ATM. 

Byte Federal ATMs offer DASH and a daily limit of $29,500. Note that you would want to take cash out before visting a Bitcoin ATM as they only accept cash. Before going to an BATM, ensure you have a digital wallet. If you are looking for a trusted and secure, non-custiodial wallet, try ByteWallet. The Bitcoin machine will ask you to scan your QR code from your digital wallet when you initiate a purchase. Byte Federal Bitcoin ATMs do not ask you to enter your wallet address manually, so there is little room for error. Once at a Byte Federal ATM, you will register if you still need to do so or log in if you’re a pre-existing user. Next, select Dash, and then you may insert your cash to convert into DASH.

Once you complete the transaction, you should see the DASH in your wallet soon after. It’s as simple as that!

Learn More About Dash

Learning how to buy Dash doesn’t have to be complicated; just head to an BATM! Bitcoin ATMs act just like traditional ATMs, but for cryptocurrency. To find one that’s nearest you, check out our ATM locater

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