Happy Beer Day; Bars That Take Bitcoin

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Even though International Beer Day is traditionally celebrated in August, it’s Beer Day any day for most of us. What makes it even better is that we can use our Bitcoin now at bars that accept it worldwide. We have a list of some bars that have started to take Bitcoin, and we’re more than happy to share it with you.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Sansom Street is a nice bar called Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse. You can pull up a stool and watch sports on any of their flat screens around the place. They host a plethora of craft beers as well as your favorite if you’re not into exploring. With a kitchen open until 1 AM, this could easily become one of your favorite bars in the very near future.

From there, let’s travel to Murphy’s Taproom on Elm Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. It has an Irish-style pub feel with 120 taps. It claims to have the largest draft beer selection, and we at Byte Federal are inclined to believe them. Make yourself at home with an entirely separate room for live music events and a two-story deck for a great drinking experience outside.

Even though it’s temporarily closed, keep the Bad Genie on your list for an excellent future trip. A great place with an upper deck on Jefferson Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you can play some pool and listen to live music most nights of the week. Sit on the upper deck and enjoy a beer as you look out over the city. It will be one of the most happening bars in town when it opens back up.

Hop a flight to Vegas and enjoy the Cafe Berlin on West Sunset Road. With authentic German food comes authentic German Beer. Of course, you’ll most likely be gambling when you hit Vegas. But you can stop in and spend some of your winnings at a bar you know takes Bitcoin.

Now we’re going to circle back to Philadelphia to a Brewery that makes our list. With a tasting room where you can order any craft from their selection, the Philadelphia Brewing Company on Frankford Avenue is an incredible brewery experience. You know Philadelphia knows how to make their beer. Nothing is more enjoyable than tasting a brewski from the brewmasters themselves.

That list gives you a taste of some bars that accept Bitcoin. But don’t get left out if you don’t feel like traveling or have a favorite bar of your own. Simply ask them. As easy as it is to get a Byte Federal ATM in your favorite establishment, you can be enjoying a nice glass of draft with the crypto in your wallet.

One thing is for sure, paying with Bitcoin means that the price of beer goes down with each one you order. The dollar can’t do that. So, technically, the cost of beer goes up as you pay in cash. So, buy with Bitcoin and enjoy the refined taste of Hops and Barley, knowing that it’s costing you less with each sip.

Save money on beer at your favorite bars with Bitcoin. Go bank, Yourself!

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