Bitcoin Being Put To The Test And Shining

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Currency like gold is what people rush to in times of great stress. They try to hold onto anything of value because they know they will need it in the aftermath. This is the test Bitcoin is going through right now, and it’s coming through with flying colors.
We’re all watching gas prices shoot through the roof, and there is no indication when they will ever come back down. Food prices are soaring as well. In fact, gas prices impact the prices of most goods and services. When the cost of transportation rises, expect the cost of everything else to go up.

But Bitcoin is different from anything else we’ve ever used as currency. That’s why it’s passing this test in real-time measures. When Russia invaded Ukraine, that’s when the trial began. Ukraine needed immediate assistance, but not just in troops. They needed money to pay for ammunition, boots, food, and medical supplies.

While most of the $350 million military aid package has taken about two weeks to reach Ukraine, and the rest will arrive within a few more weeks, crypto has already been there. Bitcoin was being raised in the weeks leading up to the invasion and has poured in since to the tune of about $45 million from around the world to just one organization accepting donations. Those are immediate funds available within seconds, and they have gone directly on military supplies, humanitarian support, and general aid.

While other forms of support take days and even weeks to transport, Bitcoin has already arrived. That’s one significant advantage for crypto. Don’t forget, Bitcoin can also store value for the day when the dust settles, and it’s time for everyone to start putting their lives back together. Again, Bitcoin has proven to be a solid solution. As its value rises, the more crypto a person holds, the more buying power they have.
Bitcoin has hit it out of the park as far as the test is concerned. A real solution for real-life problems, it has surpassed all expectations for what Satoshi Nakamoto originally intended. It’s the currency the world will turn to once it lets go of its hold on the past.

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