Big Spenders: 10 of the Biggest Bitcoin Purchases

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What if Bitcoin had already made history in the most insane of ways?

If you have friends who are skeptical of cryptocurrency, they likely have one question they constantly pose to you. And that question is, “What can you actually buy with Bitcoin?” The honest answer at this point is “just about everything.” And we’re not talking small items, either. Some of the Bitcoin purchases are so big that it’s downright staggering! In some cases, these are items that have already been sold in the past. In other cases, you can buy these expensive, high-ticket items now if you have enough BTC to sling.

Don’t believe it? Or do you want to prove your skeptical friends wrong? Then, keep reading to discover the most significant things ever purchased with Bitcoin!

1. A Brand New Ride

If we’re honest, most of us dream of having a new car to drive around. Even if you’re commuting in a brand-new vehicle, the chances are good that you sit around dreaming of driving a luxury sports car. And Bitcoin can help that happen. While multiple people have bought some killer cars with cryptocurrency, the most famous one was a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan purchased by VinWiki CTO Peter Saddington in 2017.

That car cost $200,000, and Saddington bought it with 45 Bitcoins.

2. A Hilarious Painting

Part of what makes Bitcoin purchases so fun is that you aren’t just buying the things you want. You are also buying into the larger world of the cryptocurrency community. 

A part of that community is memes. Users spend much time crafting hilarious joke images and sharing them online. But one truly mad lad took this whole thing to the next level. The French artist, You created a parody of The Last Supper called The Bitcoin Supper. In this painting, A Bitcoin replaces Jesus. Meanwhile, the various disciples of Jesus are represented/ replaced by assorted figures in the crypto community.

When the painting went viral, demand increased, and it eventually sold for 4.65 Bitcoin, which was about $2,900 at the time. That’s not nearly as expensive as some items on this list, but it still holds the top spot for the most costly Bitcoin painting in all of history.

3. A Pizza That Made History

Why do you invest in Bitcoin? The honest answer is that this cryptocurrency has increased in value for many users over the years. And like all investors, we hope to buy now and watch our investment seriously appreciate. But because Bitcoin has grown in value so much, there are hilarious stories about things sold for many BTC back when it was worth far less. And users can’t help but wonder how much these purchases would cost today.

The most infamous example was two Papa John’s pizzas delivered to Laszlo Hanyecz in 2010. Believe it or not, he paid for this pizza with 10,000 Bitcoins! Now that you’ve gotten your jaw off the floor, you should know that this was only worth about $41 at the time. Nine months later, those coins were worth $10,000. And these days, all that BTC would be worth about $300 million! 

Some users may celebrate May 22 as “Bitcoin Pizza Day.” which -A tongue-in-cheek way of commemorating this infamous pizza purchase. And it also serves as a powerful reminder of how much your Bitcoin could someday be worth.

4. From Bitcoin Purchases To A Mansion

When you interact with a Bitcoin ATM, what are you thinking about? So many investors dream of a day when they can kick back and retire. And it goes without saying that retirement would be a whole lot sweeter if you had a fantastic mansion to live in!

Buying and selling real estate with BTC has become increasingly popular. And some of these homes are expensive enough that they quickly rose through the ranks of famously expensive Bitcoin purchases. The most famous BTC real estate moment was courtesy of investor Michael Komaransky in 2018.

That was the year that he sold his Miami mansion for 455 BTC. So, as you can imagine, he came out ahead in this deal. But, of course, that much Bitcoin is worth about 14 million these days, so we’re confident he can buy a bigger and better mansion whenever he wants!

5. High-Flying Bitcoin Purchases

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Pop Quiz: What has been wealth’s most prominent status symbol for about half a century? No, we’re not talking about Rolex watches, giant mansions, or killer cars. Instead, we’re talking about private planes.


Planes are still the best way to go from wherever you are to wherever you want. And not having to go through all the stresses of everything from the TSA to overpriced airport food is the best way to ride the friendly skies in both style and comfort. Interestingly, private planes and Bitcoins have a long and storied history. 


For example, Olivier Janssens (best known as a member of The Bitcoin Foundation) went to in 2014 and chartered himself a flight for 55 BTC, worth nearly $million these days. Of course, that was just a single chartered flight. Big spenders like Charlie Shrem have bought planes outright from SkyCraft Airplanes. Towards the end of December 2013, you could purchase The SkyCraft SD-1 Minisport for 80 BTC. While the price has dropped since, that 80 BTC would be worth a little over 2 million dollars these days.

6. PCs Of Gamer's Dreams

Right now, you’re reading all about Bitcoin purchase history. But what if you could make this history today?


Electronics retailer Newegg has been accepting Bitcoin payments for a few years now. If you don’t already know, this site is considered one of the most trusted sources for someone in the market for a new computer. They offer both rigs, either pre-built or one they build themselves. With a beefy enough PC, you can do everything from mining Bitcoin directly to playing the latest games on all the highest settings.

While these prices will inevitably go up over time, Newegg once made a computer for Intel that cost $10,000. If Intel had paid for such a rig with BTC today, it would cost about .33 BTC. And if you used that computer to mine your Bitcoin, it might eventually pay for itself!

7. A University Education

What is the most expensive thing the average person is likely to purchase? Of course, you might immediately be thinking about houses and cars. But for many Americans, the most costly purchase is their college education, mainly when all that student loan interest accumulates. To amplify that cost, you can count on the prices for college tuition, dormitories, and even textbooks to increase each year. In certain states, future students and their parents contribute money to a prepaid college plan to help limit costs. Others try to make solid investments today that grow in value faster than college costs rise, helping make university education more affordable.


Some institutions of higher education have leaned into BTC to make education more accessible. For example, King’s College became the first American college to accept payment via BTC in 2014. If you add up tuition and fees, four years at King’s College would cost about $154,896. But if you have been investing in crypto, you could pay for that with a cool 5.16 BTC instead of shelling out cold, hard cash!

8. The Big Game

When it comes to sports, there are fans, and there are fans. For example, most fans just watch the games on TV and maybe go to a rare event in person. But the superfans end up snagging season tickets, so they never miss a moment of the action.


We have some good news if you like basketball and are a fan of the Golden State Warriors. That’s because the team started selling season tickets you could buy with Bitcoin. When this first went live, season tickets were about 1.02 BTC, though we are sure this price will fluctuate.

On top of fans supporting the team with Bitcoin, one very famous player has effectively become a brand ambassador for cryptocurrency. In 2021, Steph Curry signed a deal with an FTC cryptocurrency firm. He saw the writing on the wall: Bitcoin is the future. And he is doing his part now to invest in this growing and thriving cryptocurrency market.

9. Starting Over

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Have you ever read stories about truly wealthy people spending most of their days in foreign countries? At a certain point, it becomes more than an extended vacation. The genuinely savvy and wealthy people become citizens of these countries, where they are granted specific rights and allowed to buy or build the home of their dreams. 


Various unique countries accept BTC in exchange for citizenship. So far, Vanuatu is the first and only country officially accepting Bitcoin payments in exchange for citizenship. As a result, the beautiful island country in the South Pacific Ocean offers one of the fastest citizenship by investment programs. The Vanuatu government has confirmed that it is possible to make citizenship by investment payment in Bitcoin, offering investors a Vanuatu passport valid for five years (renewable for another five years).

10. Thanks A 'Yacht'

Earlier, we discussed that private planes have long been a status symbol of the rich and powerful. After all, the ability to travel wherever and whenever you want is a luxury few people worldwide can afford. However, most flights are still convenient experiences. Most folks focus on getting comfortable in their seat and traveling from Point A to Point B during the flight. So even wealthy investors with their planes concentrate on the destination rather than the journey.


If you’d rather have a good time traveling, nothing beats a Yacht. Sure, the going is slower than a plane, but a yacht will get you to your destination in style and let you party with your closest friends and family members. Bitcoin investors may be interested to know that you can buy yachts with BTC from suitable sellers. One prominent example is Denison Yachting in Florida, allowing you to buy the biggest and best boats with BTC. On the day of this writing, the most expensive ship you can purchase from Denison via BTC is just over $40 million.


Instead of taking out a loan or reaching deep into your bank account, you can always buy that yacht with BTC. But if you do, we have only requested: say hi to Jeff Bezos when you run into him on the high seas!

The Biggest Bitcoin Purchases Of The Future

Now you know about some of the most significant Bitcoin purchases ever made and the most extensive possible assets currently available. That only leaves us with one question: are you ready to make history yourself?

Part of enjoying your cryptocurrency investments is having readily accessible Bitcoin ATMs wherever and whenever you need them. And here at ByteFederal, we make it easy for you to access your assets whenever needed. So, to discover how we can help you make the most out of your cryptocurrency, contact us today!

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