All About Bitcoin Infinity Day, The August 21st Movement That Gains Steam Each Year

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What’s Bitcoin Infinity Day all about? The concept emerged last year when Knut Svanholm Tweeted about the unique crypto-related significance of August 21st. 

He noted in an article how the August 21st date could be written as 8/21, with the tilted 8 representing an infinity symbol. Thinking of 21 as a representative of Bitcoin’s 21 million maximum supply, the date became a self-stylized ‘Infinity Day’ with “everything there is (infinity or “8”), divided by 21 (million).”

Last year, Svanholm encouraged Bitcoin users to buy or HODL, the flagship cryptocurrency, on 8/21 and stay away from selling “for any reason.” He argued that enough people following these ‘rules’ would almost guarantee a Bitcoin price jump.

But Bitcoin Infinity Day is much more than just an Internet concept. The symbolic date eventually gave rise to a range of unique artwork by artist FractalEncrypt. 

Bitcoin-Related Artwork Continues To Prove Popular Among Collectors And Enthusiasts 

In an article for Bitcoin Magazine, Fractal explained that he had just finished up his Bitcoin Full Node Sculpture 7.0 and was looking to innovate. Experimenting with a multi-layered design with different mirror colors, he Tweeted out a novel Bitcoin key creation in early July 2021. 

That’s when the artistic wheels started to really turn. 

Fractal noted that a few people wanted to buy his ‘test’ key design as an artistic piece, “breathing life into the concept that the keys stood as their own design.” A collector who eventually purchased his Full Node Sculpture #8 asked why Svanholm didn’t have one of the unique creations. 

Fractal reached out to Svanhom in August 2021, just one day before Infinity Day. He detailed his process in Bitcoin Magazine of replicating the Infinity day design in vector format with Svanholm’s encouragement. 

When asked about his goal, Fractal noted how he was “trying to whip up something to support the 8/21 meme and post by tomorrow.” After working for hours, Fractal tweeted out his key design, paying homage to Bitcoin Infinity Day on the afternoon of 8/21. 

After posting the piece, Fractal said he received many messages asking to purchase one of the unique keys. Two went to Svanholm. The original plan was to give two away to Bitcoiners, but the giveaway eventually swelled to 21 keys. 

Fractal wrote that so many users were giving great answers to his questions to try and win that he couldn’t limit the opportunities to win. 

Each of the keys also came with customized plaques, with Michael Saylor coming in as one of the most prominent key winners. 

Bitcoin Infinity Keys Prove Popular At Auction And Help Grow The Movement 

The weekend of October 31st, 2021, the 13th anniversary of Bitcoin’s ‘whitepaper day’ featured the auction of Private Key 8/21 and the sale of the public keys. The Private Key eventually sold for about $63,000, and all 210 of the public keys also sold – leaving Fractal excited but with lots of work ahead, completing key designs and shipping to winners. 

Fractal’s unique art series has only helped bring notoriety to Bitcoin Infinity Day. In March 2022, Svanholm released a book titled “Bitcoin: Everything divided by 21 million” that pays homage to how “Bitcoin’s limited supply cap is the immovable object that enables us all to become an unstoppable force.”

2022’s Bitcoin Infinity Day looks to be a new stepping stone for the movement. Calls on Twitter are for “1,000 plebs” who are willing to “stack 21,000 sats” and post on 8/21 in an effort to stack 21 million satoshis. 

Svanholm issued his own rallying cry, Tweeting encouragement for “stackers of the world” to unite as Bitcoin Infinity Day approaches. In his eyes, “You have nothing to lose but your monopoly money!”

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