Last Minute Holiday Shopping? Here’s 6 Surprising Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

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It is about time to wrap up last-minute gift shopping for the 2022 holiday season. Bitcoin is the ideal gift to give if you are short on time and want to step outside of the traditional “gift card” give, or you are having trouble finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member who has everything. 

You can buy nearly limitless things with Bitcoin, giving the recipient of your generous crypto gift, the gift of choice to HODL on to the investment, or spend it at one of the many places where cryptocurrency is accepted.

Why Give Bitcoin This Holiday Season?

Bitcoin’s rise in popularity isn’t simply people jumping onto the bandwagon. It’s because Bitcoin is a form of currency with many intrinsic merits.

Because Bitcoin exists within a Blockchain network, it has no physical form. This fact may be ideal for those who feel insecure about carrying cash in their wallet instead of linking sellers to their debit accounts. For example, you can scan an eWallet QR code (or link your eWallet to the seller’s website) and make transactions without putting any personal information out there.

Buying things with Bitcoin requires no financial or personal data is a massive pull for many buyers. They want to protect their identities from those they’re interacting with and from unauthorized users that might creep into the network. Using Bitcoin ensures no information to steal, even in a data breach.

Another great reason to give Bitcoin this holiday season is that it is becoming increasingly popular. Experts call the possibility that Bitcoin will overtake fiat currency an ‘inevitability.’ Some of these experts believe that this may even happen by 2030.

Once Bitcoin overtakes the dollar, those using crypto today,  won’t need to uproot their financial lifestyle. Bitcoin isn’t just awesome because its worth grows over time but also because it’s easy to spend. Many major providers of goods and services have already adopted Bitcoin.

1. Casino Memberships

Because online gambling is all the rage in 2022,  some may choose to play to win big. Participating in online gambling requires entering ID and banking information to start. Gambling venues, both online and in-person, take and store a lot of money-related data.

Even if the casino is reputable, the fact that there’s a gold mine of information looks appealing to hackers. Bettors are leaving themselves vulnerable and are well aware of it. As a result, online casinos are one of the most common uses for Bitcoin.

Most any forward-thinking casino, will have Bitcoin payment options available, keeping private information safe. At the same time, users play games for real money.

Several brick-and-mortar casinos have Bitcoin payment options, as well. Those traveling to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or another gambling Mecca will find this, especially true-with many payment method options with Bitcoin among them.

Winners can sell the Bitcoin earnings at a crypto ATM to convert winnings to cash, or easily trade winnings for USD.

The above benefits are just one more reason that crypto gifts are in this season.

2. Everyday Goods & Services

Because of Bitcoin’s ever-increasing popularity, it’s becoming a more widely accepted payment method in stores. Even stores that don’t accept straightforward Bitcoin transactions may offer a way for you to pay with secure cryptocurrency.

For example, Byte Federal’s ByteWallet offers full-blown, fiat, and cryptocurrency-friendly bank accounts with Visa debit cards. These cards work seemlessly with both cash a crypto anywhere Visa is accepted.  There are also other crypto cards on the market which work similarly to standard debit cards but are not attached to a bank account. Instead, you can link crypto debit cards with a Bitcoin eWallet. Then, use them to spend Bitcoin directly after swiping.

Cards such as these are the height of convenience because vendors don’t need to accept Bitcoin to accept them as a form of payment. Users can swipe or scan at checkout as they would with any other debit or credit card, assuming that the seller accepts your card carrier. The appropriate amount of Bitcoin comes from the attached eWallet upon making a transaction and is converted to fiat currency before the vendor then accepts it. Crypto debit cards facilitate Bitcoin as a mainstream spending method without forcing sellers to take associated risks. Now it is simple to buy groceries, household items, everyday necessities, books, clothes, and more with Crypto debit cards.

3. Luxury Accessories


Spending Bitcoin in stores means that people can use their crypto cards at luxury retailers. However, what’s fascinating is that some sellers accept direct Bitcoin payments for luxury items.

One such business is JavyEstrella, a leading Rolex seller and well-known among many luxury watch enthusiasts. JavyEstella holds power in the industry. Their 2017 decision to accept Bitcoin as currency was one of the most significant gestures towards the upper crust embracing Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies.

Since then, more and more high-end jewelers have opened their doors to Bitcoin. For example, REEDS jewelers let you buy anything from their online or in-person stores in Bitcoin. Others, like Luxe Watches, expressly accept Bitcoin for famed watch brands like Patek Philippe.

Luxury watches and jewelry are ideal goods to pay for in Bitcoin because of their high prices. Many retailers also allow AfterPay and other similar services for expensive Bitcoin purchases, so check out whether the online or brick-and-mortar venue you’re looking at does.

If you know someone who enjoys a touch of luxury, giving BTC is a great way to donate to their appreciation for the finer things in life.

4. Tickets To Events


Since Bitcoin is a considerable payment method for online purchases, many event venues accept direct crypto payments via Bitcoin eWallet.

In some major cities, local companies allow people to buy concert tickets in Bitcoin. Manhattan is notable for doing this. In addition, residents can use a company called Blockparty to make direct Bitcoin payments to venues.

Some of the most popular events, including Summerfest and Coachella, are beginning to take Bitcoin payments.

Sporting events, like concerts, are also beginning to accept direct Bitcoin payments on their website. Some include the NBA Dallas Mavericks basketball team and the Miami Dolphins.

Events with Bitcoin payment methods often offer incentives for those who use crypto. The Oakland A’s, for example, provide a six-person suite for the price of one individual as long as the buyer pays in crypto.

Experience gifts are trending this year so game or concert tickets are a definite go, but what if you don’t know someone’s taste in music? Give the gift of Bitcoin and let them choose between Coachella or Summerfest.

5. Plane Tickets and Travel Packages


While some well-known airlines like United and American Airlines still do not accept Bitcoin directly, some others offer secure payment crypto options. Moreover, because people increasingly prefer to make large purchases this way, these airlines open their horizons to higher profits.

Some airlines that you can use Bitcoin at include:

  • (also accepts Litecoin and BCH)
  • (accepts payment via BitPay processor)
  • Peach Aviation (Japan’s economy airline)
  • airBaltic (one of Latvia’s biggest airlines)
  • LOT Polish Airlines
  • Virgin Galactic (the ‘airline’ that gets you a trip into space as an astronaut)

One can expect these airlines to begin booming even more as Bitcoin’s popularity increases.

Luckily, other airlines are also doing their best to keep up. They’ve begun offering crypto payment methods but only via a UATP global payment network. Major airlines here include Air Canada, JetBlue, and even United.

Beyond flights, most hotels have also begun accepting Bitcoin payment methods (or  swipe a Bitcoin debit card at those that don’t). For example, CheapAir and Destinia offer complete travel packages in exchange for crypto. However, venues like Mariott’s and Sheridan hotels also accept Bitcoin payments.

6. College Degrees


In addition to Blockchain Education degrees, some universities incorporate Bitcoin into their curriculum in other ways. Allowing Bitcoin payments for students is one of them.

King’s College in New York City accepts Bitcoin as a tuition fee. This practice began in 2014 and was so successful that other colleges began to follow suit. Unfortunately, this is a limited practice in the United States as we enter 2023, but it looks like it will grow over time. (Europe is more progressive in paying for college tuition with BTC, currently boasting six Universities accepting crypto payments for their educational services.

It may be helpful to note that you do not need to use Bitcoin specifically for your tuition since you likely will have student loans to pay off later. Instead, you can invest in Bitcoin before or after graduation, let its value rise, and cash out once it’s time to begin paying off your loans. Since the value of Bitcoin is continually increasing, you can use your return on your investment to pay your debts later.

While this helps students pay off their loans, there are some concerns with more universities adopting crypto payment methods. Since college tuition is continuously increasing in cost, many people worry that it will decrease the value of Bitcoin. But hey, giving the gift of education? You really can’t beat that!

7. How and Where To Access Bitcoin

People often choose to access Bitcoin primarily via online exchanges. These exchanges anonymously and automatically pair buyers with sellers and complete the transaction within their systems. Although online exchanges may sound convenient, many prefer greater control over whom they’re buying from (And rightfully so).

While direct trades may sound like a solution, person-to-person exchanges also come with other issues that traditional exchanges do. Namely, it can take up to a week after the transaction is finalized for Bitcoin to appear in your eWallet, meaning that you can’t spend those funds for a while. Delays as such may also be stressful since you’ll wonder if you are being jilted.

 What is the best way to access BTC?

Bitcoin ATMs are kiosks built to buy and sell Bitcoin. All anyone needs to do to purchase or sell Bitcoin from a BATM is grab their ID, locate one of these machines and head over. Find ATMs with ByteFederal’s online locator tool or DOWNLOAD BYTEWALLET, for convenient access.

To buy Bitcoin, it is essential to bring cash, ID, and an eWallet address, or paper wallet. Then, securely scan your ID to verify who you are and your crypto wallet QR code. The device will verify that you’re the wallet’s owner so it can deposit Bitcoin into it.

Next, insert your cash and wait for the corresponding amount of crypto. All your information will immediately delete once you log out. Byte Federal does not store any of your personal information on our machines. You can then buy yourself ( or someone else) a college degree, groceries, a Rolex, and a Hawaiian vacation- the world is your oyster. Happy Giving!


Give The Gift Of Bitcoin, Today!

While you might think of simple online transactions when you consider spending Bitcoin, the reality is that these crypto coins are versatile. You can spend them on just about anything. Plus, you can expect even more opportunities in the future as their popularity increases.

Now that you know some of the most exciting things you can buy with Bitcoin, it’s time to invest in some crypto that you can spend later. We’re committed to helping you access Bitcoin and make secure online and in-store purchases. Contact ByteFederal to ask our experts about finding a Bitcoin ATM near you.

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