Voatz Hits 125-Election Milestone, Reinforcing the Future of Voting is Mobile

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In a world that is increasingly turning to digital solutions, the mobile voting platform Voatz has recently marked a significant achievement – the completion of its 125th election. This development not only signifies the company’s continuous growth but also underscores the expanding adoption of mobile voting as a secure, accessible, and streamlined approach to democratic participation.

With a mantra that ‘the future of voting is mobile,’ Voatz leverages sophisticated smartphone security, identity verification techniques, biometrics, and blockchain technology to protect voters’ information and ensure a secure voting process. This has led to the company being recognized by prominent organizations, with Voatz becoming a finalist and honoree for Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas 2021, as well as receiving a Webby Award for Public Service & Activism in Apps and Software in 2021.

In addition to robust security measures, the Voatz system generates a voter-verifiable paper trail and enables optional instant results tabulation, further boosting accuracy and trust in the process. This innovative approach to voting is not limited by geographical boundaries, allowing eligible voters to cast their ballots from anywhere in the world. The Voatz experience, as the company claims, is seamless. It integrates effectively with existing election systems, thus streamlining the voting process.

In recent years, Voatz has been a part of several critical U.S. elections – from the midterm election in West Virginia in 2018, municipal elections in Denver County in 2019, the presidential elections in Utah County in 2020, to a municipal election in West Lincoln, California in 2022.

Voatz also offers an administrative dashboard, mobile and tablet voting options, and a blockchain-backed audit portal, further cementing its leadership in mobile and online voting. Voters using the Voatz system have reported positive experiences, emphasizing the convenience, privacy, and instant confirmation of vote submission.

Voatz has served a diverse range of clients, including governments, political parties, and several U.S. counties. Despite the variety, the mission remains the same – ensuring every citizen has the chance to vote, securely and conveniently.

As part of its security measures, Voatz employs end-to-end encryption to protect data, generates secure digital receipts for each ballot, uses blockchain storage to keep all election data tamper-proof, and utilizes biometric verification for privacy. The company is also committed to undertaking routine risk assessments, audits, and penetration testing to guard against cybersecurity threats, and ensures data security and privacy in line with best practices.

The 125-election milestone is a significant step forward for Voatz. The company’s strides toward transforming voting through technology remain significant and will likely continue to reshape the way we view and participate in democratic processes. As Voatz continues to expand, we can only expect this evolution of voting to continue, bringing us closer to a future where voting is as easy as using your smartphone.


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