Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki Is Still Bullish On Bitcoin

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Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, recently shared that he is still bullish on Bitcoin.

Since reaching its all-time high at around $60k last year, BTC and the broader crypto market have been in a largely bearish trend

Due to the success of his book, Kiyosaki remains a well-regarded investor. Many people are considering his advice on what the future holds for the digital asset.

Robert Kiyosaki claims that the bottom could be anywhere from $20k to $9k. He also says it could be anywhere in between, including $14k or $11k.

Because the bear trend has persisted, these predictions may seem extreme to some. Many crypto investors had believed that the bottom would be higher.

Why Is Robert Kiyosaki So Bullish For BTC?

Kiyosaki has choice reasons for why he believes these levels could be the bottom, and why Bitcoin will ultimately recover from this bear market.

He remains bullish because he believes that the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department are corrupt organizations. It is his belief that these organizations would rather fail than admit any wrongdoing.

Kiyosaki has a very negative opinion on the future of fiat currency. He believes that a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, will be the answer to that.

He mentions that he believes that the USD will one day implode and face massive inflation issues.

As a result, Robert Kiyosaki recommends alternative investments in assets such as Bitcoin, Solana, and even gold as a hedge to this worst-case scenario.

Kiyosaki’s comments on Twitter have attracted much attention from both the crypto community and the traditional investor community.

Some criticized this outlook as too extreme, while others agree and are starting to prepare for this scenario before it unfolds.

This is not the first time Robert Kiyosaki has provided such comments. The famed investor has long advocated for crypto and its future potential.

He has also cautioned that crypto still has risks. For example, governments could decide to seize crypto assets if they threaten the traditional financial system.

With the crypto bear market now in full effect, only time will tell where Bitcoin might bottom out. Strap in, it will undoubtedly be an interesting ride for all investors.

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