PayPal Stablecoin Sparks Congressional “Concerns”

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PayPal’s introduction of a new stablecoin raises eyebrows in Congress. Explore the growing ‘concerns’ from lawmakers and regulators about the impact of this digital currency innovation.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-California), the top Democrat on the House Financial Service Committee, expressed reservations on Wednesday over PayPal’s recent foray into stablecoins. She emphasized the necessity of having a federal oversight system in place before a company of PayPal’s magnitude ventures into issuing its own stablecoin.


Earlier this week, PayPal unveiled its dollar-backed stablecoin named PYUSD, marking a significant departure in the global payments industry by becoming the first payments conglomerate to release its own stablecoin.

In her statement, Rep. Waters highlighted the massive user base of PayPal, boasting approximately 435 million global customers. The staggering figure surpasses the international central banking institutions’ combined online account holders. “Given PayPal’s size and reach, federal oversight and enforcement of its stablecoin operations is essential to guarantee consumer protections and alleviate financial stability concerns,” she stated.

Interestingly, a bill concerning guidelines for U.S. stablecoins recently received the green light from the House committee. Although Waters found herself at odds with several members of her own party who have sided with the Republicans and endorsed the legislation. As it stands, the bill awaits its moment on the House floor. However, its prospects remain uncertain in the Senate, especially among Senate Democrats.

Rep. Waters took particular issue with the Republican-sponsored bill, condemning its recognition of stablecoins like PYUSD sanctioned at the state level but neglecting to allow the Federal Reserve any jurisdiction over them. Although we think this is a feature, not a flaw.

She highlighted her concerns, “The Republican bill undermines the Fed’s role as our central bank, making it difficult to guard the economy against inflation or bolster maximum employment if the adoption of stablecoins becomes widespread.”

Conversely, Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-North Carolina), who helms the House Financial Services Committee, voiced his backing for PayPal’s innovative digital currency. His statement on Monday conveyed optimism about the future of such financial instruments.

McHenry mentioned, “This announcement is a clear signal that stablecoins — if issued under a clear regulatory framework — hold promise as a pillar of our 21st-century payments system.”

What Lies Ahead For The PayPal Stablecoin?

The polarized response from leading Congressional figures underscores the broader debate on how best to integrate emerging technologies into the financial sector. As the intersection of traditional finance and digital assets continues to evolve, transparent and forward-thinking legislation will be vital to ensure that both innovation and consumer protection thrive.

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