New York Mayor To Take Payment In Bitcoin

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The world is seriously changing because of Bitcoin, and it won’t change back any time soon, if ever at all. The Mayor of New York gets it, and he’s ready to move forward with it. In a compelling tweet, Eric Adams made his stance very clear.

“In New York we always go big, so I’m going to take my first THREE paychecks in Bitcoin when I become mayor. NYC is going to be the center of the cryptocurrency industry and other fast-growing, innovative industries! Just wait!” @ericadamsfornyc

“Fast-growing” and “innovative” is precisely what Bitcoin has promised since its inception. But Bitcoin promises more than that, and more people are climbing on board. With a salary currently at about $250,000, the mayor of New York promising to take the first three paychecks in Bitcoin is an investment. Fiat dollars are declining because the government simply keeps printing more. Still, Bitcoin keeps going up, and that’s pretty attractive for anyone who can arrange to get paid that way.

Imagine getting paid about $30,000 in BTC, and by the end of the year, your first three paychecks are now worth $60,000. That’s something the dollar can’t do. But Bitcoin definitely can! It has and it will.

Experts are calling for Bitcoin to be at $100,000 by the end of this year. There are even more optimistic projections than that. Where will it be in 2022? Where will it be in 2027? People investing in Bitcoin are literally sitting on a goldmine. And speaking of gold, Bitcoin has already passed it.

Who wouldn’t take their payment in Bitcoin if they knew it was simply going to grow by itself? Eric Adams does because he’s a forward-thinking mayor. More and more politicians are starting to see the value of crypto, and they’re jumping on board rather than fighting it.

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