New Walmart Position Brings Cryptocurrency Promise To The Future

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The world’s largest retailer, Walmart has announced the creation of a new cryptocurrency savvy position that they urgently need for their company. By the looks of it, Walmart will be marching into the future on a positive note because it seems it will be taking control, with Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies.

The position is called the “Digital Currency and Cryptocurrency Product Lead.” What that role will be doing for Walmart has many people scratching their heads. But ultimately, the individual will develop “a broad set of payment options for its customers” as well as forge the “digital currency strategy and product roadmap.”

Anyone who has a bachelor’s degree and “experience with the cryptocurrency ecosystem and related technologies” is qualified to apply. Of course, you’ll have to relocate to Bentonville, Arkansas, the birthplace and headquarters of Walmart. In fact, you’ll be able to visit the first five and dime stores that made the entire Walmart dream come true.

Actually, Amazon beat Walmart to the punch with their announcement of a similar position just last month. It’s a very strong signal to merchants and customers all over the world that cryptocurrency is considered more than just another form of legal tender. It’s the way major players are starting to do business.

By adopting digital currency, several countries have been able to pull themselves out of their own economic struggles. That’s a powerful statement in itself. If entire countries like El Salvador and Cuba are turning to Bitcoin to solve their financial crisis, why wouldn’t such huge companies like Walmart and Amazon get closer to those solutions to provide more transactional options for their customers?

A great opportunity is in store for at least one person who qualifies for the role, something that might actually grow into an entire department. Anyone with vision might be able to predict that this role will have the potential to actually invent and implement new ways we use digital currency. Just watch the way things you’ll go. These are amazing times.

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