Making Bitcoin Part Of Your Financial Future

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When investors talk about Bitcoin, they usually talk about buying and selling. Of course, making purchases with crypto is the ultimate purpose of digital currency. But just like money, how do you make it a substantial part of your financial future?

If you’ve been following the headlines, you would have read some pretty interesting stories of people like Aaron Rodgers and Eric Adams accepting payment in Bitcoin. In addition, you might have picked up on Walmart, AMC Theaters, Whole Foods, Starbucks, bars, restaurants, and lemonade stands around the world incorporating Bitcoin as a payment method. In fact, banks themselves are finding ways to make digital currency a part of their financial plan.

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If you were ever interested in getting rich off of Bitcoin at this point, there’s your answer. Make it a part of your business model. Do you have a business? Do you have a business plan?

Prior to 2020, there was a trend toward people getting into business for themselves. More people were taking their skills online and advertising through the plethora of existing platforms. A simple Facebook page could help any business, and there are plenty of case studies to prove it, from Walmart to Miller High Life and small businesses in between.

When 2020 hit, the trend became the norm. The point is that anyone can run a business online. In fact, it’s too easy these days to turn a brick-and-mortar business or even a skill into an online enterprise. Now, that’s where Bitcoin becomes a part of your financial planning.

Business Manager and Director of the Provider Department for the Michigan Law Firm, Josh Freedman, talks about accepting Bitcoin, “We’ve been accepting cryptocurrency for about 11 months now…Back in the day, people issued personal checks, then came around credit and debit cards, and cryptocurrency appears to be the next thing in that respect.”

Artists like Jesus Martinez have embraced Bitcoin and have accepted it as payment for their art. Likewise, entrepreneur twins, Penelope and America Lopez have, among their other ventures, utilized crypto to turn their home into an Airbnb. Do you see the pattern here?

Just like money, these people have shifted to also accepting crypto. They are receiving the wave of the future and preparing for it now. But because Bitcoin has a solid and steady pattern of growing, every payment you accept gains value as you hold it. So you can literally accept a payment today, and it might double by tomorrow. Cash can’t do that. So that’s the thing to think about.

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