Bitcoin Offers Hope As Commodity Prices Inflate

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With gas prices soaring through the roof, it’s tough to imagine when (or if) we will return to simpler times when fuel was less than $4 a gallon. But gas prices aren’t the only things going up. Prices are soaring from the grocery store to the housing market. Inflation changes everything, and the game is in pursuit.

Commodities like oil, wheat, and corn were just starting to boom again. Then, what changed? The rally is on the downturn, “Soybean futures have erased their 2021 advance, sliding more than 20 percent from an eight-year high reached in May, while corn and wheat have also tumbled.” Economic Times


So, What Do We Do?

The inflation we’re seeing today is stressful. People are certainly worried and wondering how to adapt. Can we choose independence? We sure can, and many HODLers have already started. It may seem redundant to say, but Bitcoin was put in place for this very reason. Is it possible that Satoshi Nakamoto knew this much about the future, or was it simply that he or they were looking at the patterns of the past?

With analysts predicting an auspicious future for Bitcoin, we now have a currency that goes strictly from peer-to-peer. No government is involved in that. What some people don’t yet understand about Bitcoin is that it’s a lot like money, but it’s nothing like money. In other words, the government doesn’t print or control the circulation of Bitcoin. But it spends just like money. (That’s the good stuff 🤗)


Inflation Can’t Stop Crypto!

Athletes are accepting payment in Bitcoin. Companies around the world are accepting Bitcoin wherever you can make a purchase. Banks are even starting to figure out ways to make Bitcoin a part of their business structure. An entire country, El Salvador, has wholly devoted itself to the mining of Bitcoin and is even building a city focused entirely around the digital currency.

It’s time to come on board. If you want a secure future that governments, wars, and big business can’t mess with, Bitcoin is that future. You’ll have more buying power when you exchange your fiat for the crypto invented for this very reason.

Are you getting it now? Go bank, Yourself!

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