How to Find a Bitcoin ATM Near Me

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Still, to this day, no one is sure who is the founder of Bitcoin. They call him Satoshi Nakamoto, but that’s a pseudonym. 

If you’re curious about trading Bitcoin, then you might wonder what your options are. Today, there are convenient and secure options when you type in Bitcoin ATM near me. 

Want to be a part of Bitcoin trading but without the scams? Read on to explore how Bitcoin ATMs might be just what you’re looking for. 

What Is Bitcoin?

The first Bitcoin transaction was to buy a pizza. About 10,000 Bitcoin was spent in order to buy 2 pizzas. This is known as the most expensive food transaction in history. 

Bitcoin is the most widely recognized cryptocurrency out there. It’s a paperless option that you can trade online. 


It has a decentralized protocol and a public transaction ledger that’s known as a blockchain. The great news is that if you’re not a fan of banks, it’s independent of financial institutions, the government, or states. You can trade it globally, and it has a monetary policy that many believe can’t be altered. 

What Is a Bitcoin ATM?

The nearest Bitcoin ATM machine will allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with cash. They’re a way for you to send cryptocurrencies straight to your digital wallet. 

They contain a QR scanner, a receipt printer, and a monitor. While a traditional ATM machine is through a financial institution, cryptocurrency ATMs connect with internet-based cryptocurrency exchange portals. 

What To Bring To A Bitcoin ATM Near Me

Once you or someone else goes to buy Bitcoin ATMs for your area, then you’ll want to bring a picture ID. This can be a government-issued ID or a driver’s license. 

Since Bitcoin kiosks are secure, they’ll only accept cash as a payment option. To avoid scams, don’t send money to someone that you don’t know. 


Why Choose a BTC ATM Near Me?

If you choose online Bitcoin trading instead of a local Bitcoin ATM, you must wait days for it to be confirmed and verified. Investors often worry that their exchange will be tracked by third parties. 

Meanwhile, when you choose a Bitcoin ATM, the process is instant. You use your cryptocurrency wallet to begin the transaction. Traders can tell you that the customer service with Bitcoin ATM manufacturers is also great. 

The great news is that you can purchase digital gift cards at some Bitcoin ATMs. You can use gift cards, trading signals, and gold at certain cryptocurrency ATMs. Some companies also allow a daily limit as high as $29,500

Many enjoy the joys of Bitcoin ATMs since you don’t have to worry about others prying on you, it’s a secure way to convert cash into cryptocurrency, and there are no hidden fees. 


Since there aren’t 3rd parties involved, it’s much safer than other options when it comes to trading Bitcoin. The only parties involved are the user, machine, and manufacturer. Since you’re the only one who knows the information in your Bitcoin wallet, the transaction is a safe process. 

Financial Inclusion

While you can find Bitcoin ATMs in countries with financial inclusion, they’re also for those in countries that don’t have bank accounts. In certain countries with financial hardships, such as Venezuela, it gives them the profit they need during financial difficulties. 

Are There Bitcoin ATMs Everywhere?

Remember that some areas don’t allow Bitcoin ATMs or cryptocurrency trading. Some of those countries include Qatar, China, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, and Vietnam. 

The Bitcoin ATM Process

Enjoy the 11+ states that have ByteFederal ATMs. Once you’re there, you can sign up for free. 

Next, you’ll show your crypto wallet address to the ATM. It’ll then scan the information.

After this, you insert cash and then receive Bitcoin.

What Is a Crypto Wallet?

While certain platforms will allow you to trade your cryptocurrency right through them, it’s not the safest option. Your safest option is to have a crypto wallet. 

This is a way to keep your passwords private and accessible for you only. This will allow you to send and receive cryptocurrency. Byte Federal’s Byte Wallet is the best bitcoin wallet if you’re looking for a safe, secure, seamless cryptocurrency purchasing experience. Download it here, to find a Bitcoin ATM near you and see for yourself!

Crypto wallets also have options, such as mobile apps or hardware wallets. Keep in mind that they don’t store your crypto physically. 

Your holdings are within a blockchain. Once there, they can be accessed with a private key.

Digital keys show that you’re the owner of the digital currency. If you lose your digital wallet, then you won’t be able to access your money. Always remember, “Not your keys, not your coins.”

How To Find a Bitcoin ATM Near Me

The great news is that you can find a Bitcoin ATM in your location, whether it’s a Bitcoin ATM in Orlando or another location. Check out the map located here. You can easily scroll through the map to look for your specific location. 

From gas stations to restaurants, you have options. You can even find them in smoke shops and food marts as well. 

Your Best Bitcoin Wallet

You can easily start up with your cryptocurrency wallet by choosing the ByteWallet. You’ll have the option to buy or sell Bitcoin for cash. 

It’s simple and easy to use as well. Not only are they secure, but they’re a quick login at your favorite Bitcoin ATM. 

Further Information on Finding Bitcoin ATMs

The good news is that Bitcoin and Bitcoin ATMs are increasing in popularity. You can easily find a BTC ATM location near you. 

They’re often in major cities. You can find them in high foot traffic areas. There might be a closer ATM than you think and within walking distance. 

Hosting Bitcoin ATMs

Whether you’re a consumer who frequents areas that you wish would have Bitcoin ATMs or own a business, you can open up a Bitcoin ATM. 

It’s a great passive income opportunity for retailers. Businesses benefit by having a machine in their location to increase foot traffic. 

Since Byte Federal is FinCen compliant, you’ll enjoy the liquidity and terminal for money transport, service, operation, and support. 

Bitcoin ATM Fees

While Bitcoin ATM fees might be high, they make up for it with speed, accuracy, and safety. Instead of a flat fee, you might have a percentage of the transaction. As you continue to find Bitcoin ATMs around the world, you might find the fees start to drop. 

Are They Easy To Use?

They’re very easy to use and have security steps to protect you during the process. It’s also easier for most to figure out the Bitcoin ATM instead of using an online platform and trying to understand how it works. 

Most Bitcoin ATMs can be found in the United States and Canada. Next is Europe, with the United Kingdom in the lead. As a surprise to many, even though cryptocurrency started in Asia, very few Bitcoin ATMs are found in this location.  

Bitcoin Trading Tips for Beginners

First, determine your budget and how much you’re comfortable losing. As you learn how to trade with Bitcoin, expect to lose money initially. 

Come Up With a Plan

Next, you’ll want to devise a plan and stick to it. The goal is to take the unpredictability out of it to predict the Bitcoin market. 

Perform Tests

Once you have your plan, you can see how it performs in the market. Try out different strategies until you can remove the ones that don’t work and keep the ones that do. 

It might also be the case that your strategy will only work during certain conditions in the market. This means that you’ll need to look better into the current market conditions and develop a new strategy. 

Bitcoin Trading Test

You can then use Bitcoin trading to see how your strategy works. This will increase your confidence in making money in time. 

Start Small

When you first begin with cryptocurrency, starting small is a good idea. As you keep going, you’ll learn more about what works and doesn’t. It’ll allow you to build your trading value to reduce your risk of a loss. 

Practice Security

Many are choosing Bitcoin ATMs because they’ll forget to remain vigilant online and then be scammed. Never use passwords that someone can guess.

Use difficult and long credentials when you log in. Consider changing your password periodically as well. 

Investing vs. Trading

If you’re looking for a short-term strategy, that’s where Bitcoin trading comes in. It’s about selling Bitcoin as soon as you can to turn a profit. 

When you buy Bitcoin, you look at it as a long-term investment. You view it as hoping that the price will rise over time. 

Many choose Bitcoin over traditional trading since you can access it 24/7. Remember that although Bitcoin can be volatile, the right knowledge can help you earn a nice profit. 

Different Trading Methods

Since there’s no bank or government involvement, Bitcoin is considered a private form of trading. Scalping is a popular day trading option. This is when you want to make a large profit over small price changes. 

Scalping is about focusing on short-term trading. Some make hundreds of trades in one day. 

Swing trading is where you try to use the natural swing of price cycles to your advantage. You’ll focus on trying to find specific price movements and then make your move. Instead of staring at your screen all day like day traders, you’re trying to see the big picture. 

Common Mistakes

A common mistake is that people will leave their money on an exchange that they’re not trading with. When you leave your money on an exchange, you don’t control what happens with it. This means that if an exchange goes out of business, offline, or gets hacked, you’re out of luck and might lose a large sum of money. 

In order to avoid this, use a Bitcoin wallet to secure your information. Only you’ll be able to see this information. To take it a step further, use Bitcoin ATMs to have instant transactions instead of waiting for days or weeks. 

Not Learning Lessons

Whether you’re using Bitcoin ATMs or trading online, there’s always a lesson in each trading decision that you make. Keep in mind that even if you lose money initially, it’ll take time to get to the point you dream about. Even in the beginning, if you’re not making money, there are lessons to learn during this process. 

Not Making Plans

Trading and investing both need to have a plan. Bitcoin is still new since it came about in 2008. Give yourself time to devise a plan, test out what works and what doesn’t, and allow that to help you decide on future plans. 

Exploring How To Find a Bitcoin ATM Near Me

After exploring this guide on how to find a Bitcoin ATM near me, you should be set in finding a location in no time. Don’t forget to use your ByteWallet for ease of use next time you go to use a Bitcoin ATM. 

Are you ready to get started making money with Bitcoin? Get started today and search through the different locations to find a Bitcoin ATM near you.

Have questions? We’re here to help! Our customer service is available from 8 am to 10 pm EST Mon-Frid and 10 am to 6 pm EST Sat-Sun to answer any questions that you might have. 

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