Event Highlight: The Marscoin Expo 2023

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If a decentralized currency for Mars piques your interest, mark your calendars! The Marscoin Expo 2023, a free, virtual event, takes place this Saturday, August 26th, starting at 9 AM US Eastern Time. Click here for more details.

The Marscoin Expo, a virtual event, starts at:

  •  Miami: 09:00 AM
  •  Seattle: 06:00 AM
  •  Vienna: 03:00 PM
  •  Tokyo: 10:00 PM

So, what’s on the interplanetary agenda?

09:00 AM (EST): Delve deep into Mars’ needs, starting with food biotech, presented by Michael Laine from Liftport.

09:30 AM (EST): Get the latest Marscoin Project v.1.7 updates and understand planetary blockchains’ security aspects with Lennart Lopin, Marscoin Foundation.

Topics also on deck include the impact of SEC lawsuits on innovation, a peek into Marscoin trading, the future of mining, Martian research, and much more! Engage with the vibrant gaming community with presentations on MarsDrive, Million on Mars, and Occupy Mars.

And before we sign off, the closing remarks by Lennart Lopin James Burk at 4:45 PM (EST) are bound to leave attendees inspired and ready to embrace the crypto-driven Martian future.

Still on the fence about attending? Here’s a refresher on the premise and importance of Marscoin, an anticipated solution for the socio-economic challenges a Mars colonization could pose. Decentralization, transmission delays, limited resources, governance, resilience, tech innovation, and community building – MARS checks all the boxes. The possibilities are as vast as space itself.

Hop aboard this astral journey. Register for the Marscoin Expo 2023 now! It’s free, and it’s out of this world.

Marscoin Expo

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