Despite Elon Musk, Bitcoin ATMs Surge

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Bitcoin has taken a hit recently, arguably caused by recent comments from Elon Musk, but the O.G. cryptocurrency is here to stay. In fact, Bitcoin ATMs are on the rise!

According to a CNN report, Bitcoin’s price fell after Musk said Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin as payment due to concerns about bitcoin mining’s environmental impact. 🙄

Crypto enthusiasts and activists, know that this is not the end for Bitcoin so they aren’t sweating it, but for those that have just barely begun to understand the beautiful intricacies of Bitcoin, these past few weeks have been anxiety-inducing, to say the very least.

Elon Is Alright, But His Opinions On Bitcoin…😒

The reality of it all is that the very essence of Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology is to free ourselves from the opinions, policies, and regulations of the fiat system, and therefore, Elon or any other influential mind or celebrity should not, and does not have any real say over Bitcoin’s true potential.

That being said, the opinions of Elon Musk, are just that, his to have and of course, his to share on Twitter, but that is all. His opinions alone are not and should not be capable of truly devaluing Bitcoin, in the long term.

One popular genius’s take, perhaps motivated by personal or, more likely business, cannot overpower the abilities of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Is Here To Stay!

That being said, people are still looking to get into the crypto space. Are they buying the dip? Has the fiat system given them the runaround for the last time? We can’t be sure, but there is one thing that is for certain, Bitcoin ATMs are poppin’ right now!

Yeah, I said it! The statistics don’t lie. As of today, June 11, 2021, there are 21,524 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide. This may not seem like a lot to you but just wait for a second, because according to Coin ATM Radar, on October 2, of this year there were merely 10,782 Bitcoin ATMs, worldwide. That is some serious growth, my friends!

On October 2 of this year, there were just compared to 10,782 Bitcoin ATMs, worldwide, according to Coin ATM Radar.

Bitcoin ATMs Are So Hot Right Now

Especially, Byte Federal’s😉

One of the top ten Bitcoin manufacturers and operators, Byte Federal is now currently operating over 1300 Bitcoin ATMs throughout the United States, and counting.

Lennart Lopin, CTO of Byte Federal, a Bitcoin ATM producer, and operator, he chimed in when asked about the rising interest and growth of Bitcoin kiosks;

Bitcoin’s unprecedented growth continues across all verticals of the financial sector, ATMs are no exception to this trend.

With Bitcoin becoming legal tender in El Salvador recently, a lot of attention has once again been brought to the plight of the unbanked. For 1.7 billion people around the world, including 14 million in the US alone, cash plays an important role in their lives but excludes them from financial services.

The flourishing cryptocurrency industry has brought novel products and access to an underserved part of the population. Bitcoin ATMs are in particular useful in this regard.

Freedom & Security

The freedom that Bitcoin allows for, and the accessibility that Bitcoin ATMs provide are unmatched.

Blockchain technology takes the power from the top 1% and puts it back into the hands of individuals. Bitcoin ATMs bring this technology to a neighborhood location near you, making for a quick, safe and compliant way to secure your bag.

Byte Federal CTO, Lennart Lopin went on to further explain the benefits of Bitcoin and Crypto ATMs,

While the fees are higher than via online access to Bitcoin for bank and card users, cash purchase of Bitcoin allows everyone instant access to coins by converting one bearer instrument – cash – quickly into the digital equivalent: a form of digital gold, Bitcoin.

When we look at the appreciation of some of our regular or consistent, customers who come with just $20 or $50, we can see that over the years their little savings “account” in form of a Bitcoin nest egg appreciates and protects them from inflation.

Without Bitcoin, building wealth like this would be impossible. Bitcoin can thus be seen as a great equalizer, giving power back to the common people, far removed from the printing presses.

The demand has thus been continuously been growing for us. Byte Federal is now the world’s sixth-largest manufacturer of Bitcoin ATMs and 7th largest operator in the US. We don’t expect this growth to slow down any time soon.

Benefits Of Hosting A Bitcoin ATM

For retailers looking at joining the crypto revolution by installing a Bitcoin ATM in their shop or storefront, there are some pretty positive benefits.

Opportunities To Give Back

Bitcoin ATM hosts enjoy the chance to give back to the community. By offering simple, safe and secure access to buy Bitcoin with cash, Bitcoin kiosk hosts serve as ambassadors of financial freedom in their local neighborhoods.

Earn A Passive Income

In addition to assisting the community in reaching financial freedom, Byte Federal Bitcoin ATM hosts earn a passive income. It costs nothing to install or maintain a Byte Federal Bitcoin ATM within your business and hosts earn with every transaction. Just for offering the space to facilitate trusted, safe, and secure crypto transactions, Bitcoin ATM hosts make FREE MONEY!

More Customers!

Business owners opting to join the future of finance and host a Bitcoin ATM can also look forward to gaining more customers over time.

One of the many benefits of installing a Byte Federal Bitcoin ATM is the foot traffic that follows. Often, crypto buyers come in to buy Bitcoin or perhaps Ether, but then, end up making a small purchase either before or after their Bitcoin ATM transaction. These small transactions not only add up but oftentimes make for regular customers who go on to continue supporting the business.

Crypto has definitely been on the come up in 2021 and by the looks of it, the demand is ever-growing. Bitcoin ATMs make getting your cryptocurrency portfolio started, a real breeze. 🍃

Byte Federal has thousands of Bitcoin ATMs installed all over the country. Find a Bitcoin ATM near you HERE.

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