ChatGPT-Based Search Enhances Blockchain Encyclopedia

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The World's Largest Blockchain & Crypto Encyclopedia,, just got better with Chat GPT-enabled search.

Blockchain encyclopedia has launched an advanced search engine utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, aiming to provide an optimized experience for crypto enthusiasts navigating vast digital information, as detailed in a recent press release.

The move exemplifies a broader trend, with crypto enterprises adopting artificial intelligence functions steadily. As AI continues to enthrall the public and beckons venture capitalists, its integration is becoming essential in enhancing product functionality.

Chat GPT According to’s ‘Chief Brain’

“Maneuvering through a 1,000-word entry to extract a single piece of information is challenging and inefficient. The GPT-4 search engine eliminates this challenge by allowing users to simply pose a query,” explained Navin Vethanayagam, Chief Brain of This next-gen search tool, dubbed IQ GPT, not only facilitates swift information retrieval but also plays a pivotal role in countering misinformation. For neophyte traders, it promises smoother initiation into the crypto ecosystem., Chat GPT, Chat GPT 5

Remarkably, IQ GPT amalgamates a crypto-centric model of OpenAI’s GPT-4. Chat GPT-4 has been fine-tuned using data from myriad platforms, including CoinGecko, The Associated Press, CoinNess, InvestHK, Flywheel DeFi, and the vast compendium of’s encyclopedia. This data ensures users access a comprehensive and up-to-date information reservoir.

To bolster credibility and aid in misinformation discernment, each search result pinpoints its original source, Vethanayagam highlighted.; Then & Now

Tracing its roots back to 2014, was initially conceived as Everipedia, a blockchain rendition of Wikipedia emphasizing openness. The endeavor attracted a whopping $30 million investment from Galaxy Digital in 2018. However, a strategic pivot in 2022 saw its rebranding to, now exclusively focusing on crypto content. This transformation also marked its maiden foray into the AI realm.

Incorporating the Polygon blockchain, every iota of content and edit on IQ.Wiki is meticulously chronicled, ensuring unparalleled transparency, Vethanayagam emphasized. isn’t merely an information hub. Its intrinsic token, IQ, serves dual purposes: incentivizing active participation and facilitating decentralized governance. Staking this token empowers users with voting rights in the platform’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). “Every DAO member will possess control over IQ GPT and future offerings,” Vethanayagam elucidated. The next lap for involves deploying additional AI instruments, poised to “amplify crypto literacy and pedagogy,” as forecasted in the release.

In an era where the synthesis of blockchain and AI is reshaping the informational landscape,’s endeavors exemplify the potential of such convergence.

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