Bound By Blockchain; Couple Exchanged NFTs Instead Of Rings

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Yes, NFTs > Rings…

Gone may be the days of the good old fashioned wedding band exchange. You know the deal, usually, couples exchange vows and rings (the jewelry kind) before sealing the deal with and kiss, making it officially, official.

The ring overall, is a pretty solid tradition, it seems. Traditionally speaking, the wedding band is known as a symbol of love and devotion. It’s circular shape signifies eternity, as it goes on forever.


Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky celebrated their eternal union with a beautiful traditionally Jewish ceremony and a “small” modification to the usual exchange of rings. Instead of something shiny, a physical object that can be worn as a symbol of their union, Rebecca and Peter chose to give each other something that could never be lost, misplaced, stolen, or broken; one of a kind, non-fungible token. (NFT)

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have been all over internet headlines and newsfeeds ( Nyan Cat anyone?), but some readers still not totally grasp what the heck they are. Hey, that’s ok, this stuff get’s confusing.

A non-fungible token, or NFT can technically contain anything digital. This can be an image, a gif, video, games, drawings, songs, you name it! The cool thing about NFTs is that just like other forms of art, say a photograph, the NFT can be one-of-a-kind or one of many reproduced digital copies of the original, but no matter what the blockchain keeps track of who has the original file.


Kind of cute, right? Sure, Rebecca and Peter are total geeks for cryptocurrency (LOVE IT!), and maybe that’s what inspired this techy take on the ring exchange but it turns out, there’s a much deeper meaning to these NFT cuties!

Rebecca Explained The Meaning Behind The NFT Rings

So, basically these NFTs are the real deal! More than just a trend, this couple made their union permanent with their NFT rings called “Tabaat” which means “ring” in Hebrew.

Peter And Rebecca Chose A Symbol To Last Forever, An NFT


A quick search on Etherscan reveals that their are two ‘Tabaat’ tokens minted and no more can ever be made.

Oh man, that’s pretty cute. 🥰

Minted, So We Know It’s Real

Not Just Any NFT, The Perfect NFT

The newlyweds went the extra mile to include an uber appropriate animation within the NFT. This is yet another symbol of the cyclical motion that is love and a forever bond.

Truly, this Coinsource couple has found a way to make the NFT pull at your heartstrings! Who would have known!?


This message is brought to you by ByteFederal and of course, Rebecca and Peter’s love for each other and blockchain technology. Here’s to hoping more NFTs make their way into wedding ceremonies!

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