Bitcoin Predictions Look Pretty Great For 2022

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Bitcoin Predictions For The New Year Are Bright!

When it comes to Bitcoin predictions, one rather relevant player looked back on the history of the crypto’s trends. Other financial experts seem to agree that Bitcoin’s future will see a stellar performance. So, when you look at the activity surrounding the coin now, it would be hard to dispute that something exceptional is in the air.

December has been most characterized as a non-stop buying spree of BTC. As investors look toward the future with whatever crystal ball they have, they see more value in Bitcoin ownership. With many institutions reporting higher sales in December, this trend is continuing all the way up to the very last minutes of 2021.

People Are Noticing

ExoAlpha chief investment officer David Lifchitz has observed this phenomenon and has made some eye-opening predictions. He believes there will be a solid rebound of Bitcoin in January, which would be nice after watching Bitcoin drop from $67K in November to $46K in mid-December. Those who held on will get their just rewards. Not only that but Lifchitz also believes that the institutions still selling up to the last midnight of 2021 are doing it to capitalize on a more significant tax advantage.

To be clear, Lifchitz is not the only one calling for a swift rise in January. Boasting over 100,000 followers, Alex Kruger describes himself on Twitter as, “Economist. Trader. Sharing views on crypto and global markets.” With that many people listening to what he has to say, his predictions for Bitcoin are pretty spot-on:

For Reference, first week of the year effect

 $BTC returns first week of: 

 2021 +36% 

 2020 +13% 

 2019 +7% 

 2018 +18% 

 Bears killed Santa, but have you heard of the Wise Men? @krugermacro

There is no doubt that Bitcoin will have a great year next year. In fact, it will begin the first week in January. Of course, predictions have never been 100% secure. But also, Bitcoin has never let anyone down.

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