Looking For An Easy Way To Buy Crypto? Try A Bitcoin ATM

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Grandpappy Don’t Need a PIN At A BYte Federal Bitcoin ATM Location

A Bitcoin ATM is not your Grandpa’s ATM or Automatic Teller Machine that dispenses cash usually connected to a private bank account.

You won’t get trapped in one for three hours or trapped in a line behind a senior who forgot his PIN and is holding things up.

You also will not have that feeling of self-conscious horror when you get the Insufficient Funds screen also seen by the group of teens behind you who begin mocking you loudly for being a broke-ass beggar.

What Is A Bitcoin ATM?

A Bitcoin ATM or BATM dispenses prominent cryptocurrencies like BTC, the digital currency invented in 2008 that began trading in 2009 and was released as open-source software without meddling central banks, intermediaries, and administrators.

You can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptos at a BATM. To buy coins, you just need a digital or offline wallet and cash.

Get Bitcoin In Convenient Spots, Using A Crypto ATM

A Bitcoin ATM looks like a traditional ATM and deals in cash. They are found in major traffic sites like retail stores, restaurants or airports in major metro areas.

A BATM is connected to the internet but not connected to a bank account. The ATM, instead, connects to crypto exchanges for a safe, convenient and secure way to buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrency with cash.

What Is A Byte Federal Bitcoin ATM?

We started our line of Bitcoin ATMs in 2016, primarily in the Southeastern United States. If you want convenience and avoid the hassle of sketchy Bitcoin exchanges where scams can happen, then head to one of our many ATM locations.

A few benefits of checking out our map to buy and sell Bitcoins with cash:

  • Simple and intuitive registration for newbies to crypto wizards to deal Bitcoin, Litecoin & other crypto
  • 24/7 US-based phone support. Call 786-686-2983.
  • Registered account daily limit up to $21k
  • All fees are disclosed  in our rate. Nothing is hidden.

How To Buy Bitcoin

There are three primary ways to buy bitcoin.

P2P For Bitcoins

Peer-to-Peer Exchanges are basically marketplaces where buyers and sellers can trade bitcoins and other cryptocurrency directly with each other. These services offer a technical platform where buyers and sellers settle trades on their own terms.

Get Bitcoin on Web

Web-Based Platforms are usually an app or website where you indicate the amount you are looking to buy, are matched with other traders, finalize a deal and head to a bank to deposit funds in the seller account or engage in some other secure form of exchange.

Get Bitcoins At Physical Bitcoin ATM Locations

A Bitcoin ATM is a physical location to buy bitcoin or sell it. Bitcoin ATMs are more convenient and offer more privacy and security from scams like a seller not releasing the bitcoin when a deposit is made.

Pros & Cons Of Buy & Sell Bitcoin Strategies

How To Use A Byte Federal Bitcoin ATM

First, find Byte Federal Bitcoin ATMs from Metro Detroit to South Florida on our map.

What To Bring

In order to buy Bitcoin or sell it for cash, bring identification like a Driver’s License or passport.

Get A Mobile Wallet

You also need a smartphone with a mobile phone wallet app like Blockchain, Jaxx or Mycelium that you can find in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Follow these suggestions to secure your wallet.

Say Hello To Our Little Friend, The Bitcoin ATM

Finally, engage the Byte Federal Bitcoin ATM at one of our locations.

The machine will prompt you easily through all steps to buy or sell Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies or gift cards for cash or even buy gold.

Cash Money, Now

Told Ya Using A Byte Federal Bitcoin ATM Was Simple!

Traditional ATMs revolutionized banking in the 1970s. Our ATMs aim to do the same thing by simplifying and securing the buying and selling of cryptocurrency in the 21st Century.

All you need is cash, identification and a smartphone. And Grandpa doesn’t even need to remember his PIN to get on the crypto bandwagon!

If you would like to find Byte Federal ATM locations, check out our location map.

Written By: Michael Barnes

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