Bank In Texas To Offer Bitcoin Savings Plan

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In Laredo, Texas, at least one bank is stepping up to revolutionize the Bitcoin industry. If employees want to get away from traditional savings plans, they’ll now have a better option. They’ll be able to take a portion of their paycheck and apply it to a Bitcoin savings plan.

You might be surprised to learn that companies owned by former NFL superstar Drew Brees are actually leading the way. Of course, Brees invests a portion of his paycheck into Bitcoin anyway. But when the option came along, companies that he owns, including Everbowl and Stretch Zone have started offering it to their employees.

The Importance of Bitcoin

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“For a long time, Bitcoin was pretty intimidating for me. But, the more I have immersed myself in the understanding of money, long-term value, and the history of finance, the importance of Bitcoin became apparent,” Brees said.

Now, the Vantage Bank of Laredo is getting in on the trend. It’s a great offering to get more qualified employees looking for better benefits. A traditional savings plan takes such a long time to move. You might never meet your financial goals if you get in too late. It will take too long to have the pile of money you need to retire on.

But, Bitcoin has a rising pattern and has literally broken records. Just two years ago, it was sitting at about $7,000, and now, it’s sitting at nearly $46,000. With its stellar rise that keeps on rising, Bitcoin has already made quite a few millionaires globally. Now, a savings plan offered to employees can guarantee they will be taken care of long into their retirement.

Bitcoin In The Bank

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What’s happening in Laredo is an excellent step in the right direction. Other banks will begin to follow because the move makes too much sense. So far, it’s only offered to employees. We’ll have to see if the service is provided to patrons, as well.

Bitcoin has established itself as a currency that is being taken more and more seriously worldwide. Businesses are accepting it as payment. From athletes to politicians, celebrities of all kinds are making deals to accept it as income. And now, banks are offering employees a Bitcoin savings plan. However, for those who don’t work in a bank, we can simply find a Byte Federal ATM and begin building ourselves a savings plan.

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