Apple’s Secret Bitcoin Manifesto: Tech Blogger Stumbles Upon Hidden Code in Every Mac Since 2018

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Tech blogger, Ken Shirriff, has made an unexpected discovery about Apple Macs. Shirriff says every Mac made since 2018 contains a hidden Bitcoin manifesto buried within the computer processor. He accidentally came across the information while exploring the Mac’s firmware.

What Does The Apple Bitcoin Manifesto Mean?

Although encryption is not new to Apple, a logical place for the inclusion of Bitcoin in the Mac, the exact purposes of the manifesto are yet to be confirmed. According to Shirriff, the manifesto titled “Welcome to TDLS,” a name linked to the Trusted Data Store, is part of Apple’s Secure Enclave.

Apple’s hidden Bitcoin manifesto appears to be a response to the ongoing debate around encryption and privacy in the digital world, especially in the aftermath of Apple’s battle with the FBI over the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone.

Apple has yet to confirm or deny this discovery. However, some crypto enthusiasts have suggested that the manifesto could pave the way for more extensive use of Bitcoin by Apple.

This discovery will likely lead to further interest in the relationship between Apple and Bitcoin, as the inclusion of hidden software within the Macs could be seen as a way of validating the crypto coin. In addition, as more people start to explore the capabilities of Bitcoin, tech companies like Apple are likely to develop more interest in exploring the uses of cryptocurrency.

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